Atomic and Molecular Diagnostic Processes in Plasmas

Main Areas of Research

with particular interest in fusion and astrophysical plasmas.

Courtesy of UKAEA Culham Laboratory.

Programme of research: studies of reaction kinetics and dynamics of atoms, molecules and ions in a variety of low, moderate and high temperature plasmas. A wide range of theoretical computational studies and modern experimental spectroscopic and other diagnostic techniques are employed to investigate the fundamental processes. As well as research work carried out within the Department there is a great deal of collaboration with the use of external facilities both inside and outside of the United Kingdom.



o Prof. N. R. Badnell
o Prof. H. P. Summers (Emeritus)

Research Fellows:

o Dr M. G. O'Mullane

Research Associates:

o Dr Chunyu Zhang

Research students:

o Mr D. Gahle
Courtesy of SOHO/EIT consortium.

The Atomic and Molecular Diagnostic Processes in Plasmas group is just one of the research groups in the Department of Physics at the University of Strathclyde. You can find us in the John Anderson Building.