UK APAP Network

Our Mission:

The UK APAP (Atomic Processes for Astrophysical Plasmas) Network focuses on the calculation electron and photon collisional data for atoms and ions, intended for astrophysical plasma modelling and spectral analysis. These data are interfaced with the applications of the astrophysical community via databases of fundamental data and derived collisional-radiative rate coefficients, together with level populations, spectral syntheses and line ratios for emission studies. The space missions it supports include: the Solar Orbiter, Hinode, Solar Dynamic Observatory (SDO), Solar Heliospheric Observatory (SoHO), Chandra, XMM-Newton, and X-ray Imaging and Spectroscopy Mission (XRISM). The suntrek site also provides background information on solar physics for the non-specialist.


XRISM was successfully launched at 8:42:11 am on September 7, 2023 (Japan Standard Time, JST) from the Tanegashima Space Center.

APAP Team:

o Nigel Badnell (Strathclyde)
o Giulio Del Zanna (Cambridge)
o Alessandra Giunta (RAL)
o Pete Storey (UCL)

(From left to right: GDZ, PJS, NRB, ASG)


o Dr Chunyu Zhang

Atomic Data: (R-matrix and AUTOSTRUCTURE).

Our data is also archived at a number of sites, either as standalone data or as part of a modelling package:


These codes are freely available. If you use these codes to generate a publication then we would appreciate an acknowledgement and a reference to this web-page. Details of background references can be found here.

APAP Network Publications

Archive list of IRON Project Publications.

APAP Return-to-work (Dinner) June 15, 2022:

Left side of table, front-to-back:
Neboysha Ljepojevic, Ian Grant, Helen Mason, Pete Storey, Gary Ferland.
Right side of table, back-to-front: Nigel Badnell (obscured by), Alessandra Giunta,
Yamini Rao, Giulio Del Zanna, Martin O Mullane.

Attendees at the Cambridge APAP meeting June 15-16, 2022:

From left-to-right:
Back row (standing): Gary Ferland, Roger Dufresne, Giulio Del Zanna.
Middle row (sitting): Nigel Badnell, Martin O Mullane, Alessandra Giunta, Yamini Rao, Ian Grant.
Front row: Helen Mason, Pete Storey.

Attendees at the Cambridge APAP meeting April 16-17, 2019:

From left-to-right: Ian Grant, Roger Dufresne, Junjie Mao, Alessandra Giunta, Nigel Badnell, Giulio Del Zanna,
Pete Storey, Jon Grumer, Marina Giarrusso, Francesco Leone, Peter Young and Daikichi Seki.

Attendees at the Cambridge APAP meeting September 19-21, 2018:

From left-to-right: Giulio Del Zanna, Roger Dufresne, Simon Preval, Luis Fernández Menchero,
Pete Storey, Nigel Badnell, Alessandra Giunta, Martin O Mullane, and Junjie Mao.


(from top-to-bottom and left-to-right: MCW, CPB, GL, LFM, JM)

o Connor Ballance (QUB)
o Mike Witthoeft (NASA-Goddard, USA)
o Guiyun Liang (BAO-CAS, China)
o Luis Fernández Menchero (QUB)
o Junjie Mao (Tsinghua University, China)